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Grad school cold feet


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Hi, I am just about to begin my MFA at the most amazing school, however there was another school I felt was a much better fit (also amazing) which took a while to let me know I had been accepted. By then I had accepted the first school as it was an offer too good to refuse and I had a deadline to let them know. Ever since I knew I would have had a place at the second school I have made myself sick with worry that I have made the wrong decision. The first has an incredible reputation but the course itself I don't think is quite right. I am considering not going and reapplying next year to the second but am worried this will look bad. Or I could go, give it a chance and maybe then try and reapply if all goes wrong. But I'm concerned this would make me look bad to the other school. I also think I'm going to go looking for things to dislike. But I can't shake the feeling I made a mistake. I really think the other one was a better choice for me.

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You should definitely go and give it a chance! After all, if it was such an amazing offer that you didn't even wait on other schools to give you a decision, there must have been something you found intriguing or interesting about the offer. Try to keep that in mind as you transition to your new school.

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