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Is it required to contact professors first


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My school is still in process of organizing TA offers. What does this mean? 

Means they are not done deciding who to make offers to, and implies that there are more students than open positions and some students may not get anything, or may not get exactly what they want. 


And do students have to contact professors first?

Depends on the department and its policies. No way we can know. Contact whoever gave you the information you quoted above and ask them if there is anything you should do now. 

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Agree with fuzzy--you just have to ask!


Also wanted to provide another viewpoint: just because they haven't decided yet does not mean there might not be enough spots. Each department runs things differently and at my last school, they don't assign them until 2 weeks prior to the term start date but everyone who was supposed to TA got a spot!

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I'm a bit anxious. I have a guaranteed TAship and nothing has been scheduled. In my case, languages, I will be teaching an undergrad class. I have to take mandated teaching and TA related coursework - I'm just worried about starting and the first few weeks.

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