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Well, it depends on when the deadline is - dec 15, jan 15 or something else. If it's a december deadline you might be late, for January you should be fine. In any case, schools are usually forgiving about late gre scores. If you want to retake, make sure you put the programs with the earliest deadlines among the 4 to receive your scores immediately. Maybe also ask the schools how bad it would be if the scores came a week or two late - worst case you could send your old scores out to make sure you have something on file by the deadline, and then ask to update your new scores. But I bet it wouldn't be too bad if your scores came late. Most schools I know of don't really get into the process of sorting and selecting applicants until after the Christmas vacation.

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It's not too late. I took the GRE Nov.15, last year, and still made all my app deadlines of Dec.1st (international student deadline)

I received my AWA score in the mail after Dec.1st, but I just called the ETS score reporting line to get my writing score (to put on the on-line application). I think there is a small charge when you call.

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