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  1. Sorry for the confusion! I mean to imply from the time of entry into a PhD program (after the MA) until you are ABD (completed courses, quals and any other requirements, such as language).
  2. I know every program has different requirements, I was just wondering what the average is
  3. Best of luck. LDRs can definitely work out as long as you both have similar expectations of the relationship. I've been in one for many years.
  4. How does this reversion list work this year? When could one expect to hear?
  5. How many of you see your advisor as a mentor? I definitely think there is a difference.
  6. I was wondering if skinny pants/jeans are considered too sexy? I dress pretty conservatively, but since I'm petite, I look like I'm drowning in most other pants.
  7. How does the reversion list work this year, since they changed the format?
  8. Now that I'm on the other side of this, my top suggestion would be to take it easy in the months leading up to your first semester: sleep in, go on vacation, etc. There isn't much down time once you start a PhD.
  9. Last year, I had some unprovoked issues with another grad student. I found out they were threatened by me and that they are a profoundly insecure person. I put this all behind me, but then I found out about other things they had done to undermine me. I couldn't believe how low-life, deceitful their actions were; I was really offended. I don't play dirty and I plan to ignore the situation because ultimately they look bad, not me. I am just shocked by such behaviour and I wondered if anyone went through something similar and how it turned out.
  10. In the five years I've been with my partner, two of them have been long distance: one when I was completing my Masters; I lived overseas for 7 months; now I'm in my first year of a PhD program. I think it's doable as long as you both have the same or similar expectations. If you absolutely need to see one another frequently, this is not the type of relationship that will work long-term. I talk to my partner twice a day, which helps, although I'm in the same time zone as him.
  11. I completed a masters prior to applying to Ph.D. programs. I used two referees from my masters, and one from my undergrad. The reason I decided to obtain an LOR from my undergrad advisor is precisely the reason you mention above: "admissions committees want to hear positive remarks about all stages of your academic training." In my case, it was to establish that I had developed an approach to scholarship, while in undergrad, that I continued at the graduate level. I was successful in applying to programs, but, of course, I can't say the undergrad LOR was the reason, only that it didn't hold me back.
  12. How long does it take for a formal offer to arrive? I received an informal offer on March 11, which I informally accepted. The school is not in the U.S., if that makes a difference.
  13. so sorry for your loss. I was absolutely heart broken when I lost my dog.
  14. Just wondering if someone could provide me with the range of a competitive GRE score for Emory (GDR not divinity). Trying to decide if I will apply.
  15. I am looking to submit to a peer-reviewed journal. My area, broadly, is religion and social sciences. Any suggestions as to how to do this, good journals to start with, appropriate time-line etc. Let me know if you want specifics. thanks--p.b.
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