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i m horribly confused as to which university to select for my master's.i m unable to even select the stream in which i waan do my master's.can anyone help me please?

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As in you don't have an area of interest, or anything particular you're passionate about? I've found most people will have developed an area they're interested in by the time they gradauate. For some, this happens much later. You can start by asking yourself which kind of courses in your undergrad you found more interesting than others.

But more importantly, how is a master's degree going to help you? Do you want to go into research and/or academic fields, making the MS a stepping stone to a PhD? If so, you'd need to be passionate enough in an area of research. Or is it needed for a job? Then, you'd need the master's in the field related to the job.


Hope that helps.

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I would just start by asking myself if I want to go somewhere in-state or out-of-state? Since you do not have a major or passion, this would be a good start. Once you are in a program, most students will find what they want to go into. Most master's program don't mind what you got your bachelor's in, since it is just basic knowledge of general psychology. I would do some homework on what master programs are offering at different institutions and make a list of pros and cons. After that, look at the requirements and hopefully by then you are more sure of what you want to do! Hope that helps!

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