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Biomedical sciences SoP question

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Hi everyone,


I'm starting to put together my SoP for this coming admissions cycle. I'm primarily applying for Microbiology&Immunology programs; however, I also have a couple of umbrella programs I'm applying to, where I've identified Micro/Immuno faculty whose research intrigues me. For the umbrella programs, should I specify in my SoP that I'm mostly interested in Micro/Immuno or keep it more general about the biomedical sciences? ("How I got interested in microbiology" vs "How I got interested in biomedical science")


I'm applying for a mix of Master's and PhD programs, if that influences anything. Thanks for the help!

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You should keep it specific for exactly what your research interests are. I wouldn't even know how to structure a statement that included an interest in "general" biomedical sciences that would pertain to the admissions committee. If you enjoy micro/immuno there must be some individual projects you must be interested in, so you should mention those

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