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  1. adiJ

    Harvard 2016

    I'm starting my PhD in HSPH this fall and am looking at HUH too, although not with any luck. Finding housing near the Longwood area is pretty difficult and I would probably have to resort to finding one in Cambridge
  2. I have 2 weeks to move out after my commencement, and orientation starts in early July so I have no time :/ As for choosing rotations, I have a few in mind but will go there and talk more to see if their personalities are a match. As of now, the first rotation is the priority and I will pick up more information as I interact with the students. Our rotations are really short anyway so it should be fine.
  3. For me, I visited the area a few years back and thought it was a dealbreaker. An important aspect of doing a PhD is that you must remember you are staying there for 5+ years. If you are interested in the science being done there you should definitely apply. You can think about this after you had a formal visit for your interviews, but JHU is definitely a top school, no one's going to deny that.
  4. I have a couple friends at Imperial's Biomedical research program and they are really enjoying it there. Good news is it's short and should prepare you well! Good luck for the NU decision! Being an international candidate must be very rough as you seem qualified for some schools that you've listed.
  5. Boston/Cambridge is going to be awesome! (Albeit expensive as hell, I'm signing up for University housing and holy shit)
  6. Waitlisted from Princeton. Will decline. Good luck with the waitlist!
  7. Hi everybody, I just noticed this thread was a thing. I was one of the applicants that got accepted to Harvard's Biological Sciences in Public Health PhD program (on the 12th), is that the one you guys are referring to? Because I kinda forget how they did it again, but I'm not sure if this is associated with the other parts of the school. It might be a late for any questions though...
  8. adiJ


    Professors' LORs hold a lot more weight than that of graduate students or post-docs, mainly because they actually have more experience leading a lab and know what they are saying when they recommended you. It would be preferable to get another one from a professor (maybe one that taught you?) that you are close with or someone who you talked extensively about, sort of like a research mentor.
  9. Which programs are you applying to? Hopefully your GPA gets a boost but it's not bad at all now. No one really cares about your Cs in Physics so it's fine (I got 2 C+ in some life sciences ugh). I think you should get interviews at most of these places, but UCSF is a stickler for GPA so it might be tough. In the end, letters of rec and how good your SOP will be most important in determining if you get interviews at the top tier schools. Also, I would recommend taking the GRE again if you could be bothered, just to bump up a couple points for safety, but as of now it shouldn't be a major concern (mine are 162V167Q 5.5W if that's of any help). I also would recommend way fewer programs, maybe 4-10? Good luck!
  10. Wait what. Most places offer around 75% acceptance rates or nearly everyone, where they expect 25-50% to matriculate. I've asked this at literally all of my interviews and that's what they've told me. Obviously top top tier schools are different, i.e. the Harvard BPH program has only 0-2 people not accept every year. Maybe because half of the programs I've talked to are umbrella programs, but most people get at least 3 interviews, so 30% doesn't sound too bad.
  11. Hmm, UCSD BMS just sent me a waitlist decision which I will likely decline. Good luck to everyone who applied there! Also. Accepted into Harvard BPH, notified by phone!
  12. Accepted into Duke CMB. Fastest turnaround yet.
  13. Well after my experience with her that weekend, I can tell you a few things: She likes wine, applicants visibly worship her, and she is super chill. Have fun, it was by far my most unexpected set of interviews (in a very positive way).
  14. Yes, I was in a double. Stuff around Princeton was super expensive so you bet people shared rooms lol
  15. They don't provide info until you receive your packet on the day of arrival. (It doesn't matter anyway they talked about their research like you knew nothing about it and no one grilled me)
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