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Research topics in Developmental Child Psychology


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Long story short I am trying to discover different topics in developmental child psychology so that I can narrow down my graduate school selection and search. I have 6 years of research experience and I have worked in 2 different child development labs. One looked at substance use the other worked at social and language development. I just want to know what else is out there because I have been exposed to a lot of research but I am having a lot of trouble narrowing it down. Would anyone be abel to provide some research topics with in developmental child psychology?

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I'm in developmental psychology (more specifically cognitive development) and working at what I hope to be an intersection between my focus in undergrad (which I found to really like) and my own other interests (which are the better fit for my advisor). I'd start by thinking about what other aspects of psychology you liked to learn about (ex: learning, language, memory, education, social psychology, culture) and start doing literature searches in those areas. Once you find a topic you like, then try posing the question of "how did x develop?" or "what effect does x have on children's development?" and see where that takes you!

Good luck!

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