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Did I choose a good set of Universities for PhD?


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Good afternoon everyone,

I am a senior (May 2016) in Chemical Engineering who has a 3.56/4.00 GPA, and GRE scores of Total: 321 V:163 Q:158 A:4.0

Although I have no publications or conference proceedings, I have had multiple research experiences, including a semester in catalysis research, and two years of work in a industrial R+D setting on chemical reactions (This was full time during the summer/part time during the school year and still ongoing).

My recommenders are two of my professors who will write strong letters of recommendations and I have researched with them in the past, and my supervisor, who has his PhD in a related field and will also write me a strong letter. 

I am applying to the following schools, with an research interest in Catalyst Development and Engineering, and General Reaction Kinetics. All of the schools have at least one lab/professor who is working in one of these areas. 

They are:

  1. UT Austin
  2. U of Houston
  3. Auburn
  4. U of Alabama
  5. U Southern California
  6. U South Carolina
  7. Virginia Commonwealth University
  8. Texas A&M
  9. Santa Barbara
  10. Oregon State University
  11. University of Florida

Let me know if there is anything I should try and do before I send in applications. I will be contacting labs in Late September. 




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Dude I think you have pretty decent stats!!! Austin is a hard school to get into , but all of the others you have a fair chance at. We have pretty similar work experience (I have about a semester of research, entering my second, but I also have industry experience). I'm applying to Florida as well, so maybe we'll cross paths!!!

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