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Tell me US doctorate degree possibility


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I am a Korean looking forward to study in the US. 

I am looking into applying for Statistics PhD programs, and I was hoping for some feedback/input.



My goal : statistics doctorate in US



I have two bachelors from different university in Korea : 

1st university(Korea rank 10 university) : major : mathematics education (3.68/4.5)

2nd university(Yonsei university : Korea) : major : mathematics (3.99/4.3 , graduated with 2nd ranking among the all the mathematics students in the department



I want to write the courses that I took in the 2nd university since this university is much more famous and 

GPA is more credible. 

Introduction to Differential geometry(A+), Differential geometry(A+),

Introduction to topology(A0),

Modern algebra 1(A0), Modern algebra 2(A+), Field theory(A+),

Vector calculus(A+), Analysis1 (A+), Analysis2 (A-), 

Linear algebra 1(A0), Linear algebra 2 (A-),

Category theory (A+), Game theory(A0)

Numerical Analysis(A+)

Differential Equation(B-) , Stochastic Process(B+)

Introduction to statistics(B+)


Master degree

drop out after 1 year of studying from KAIST(Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology) with majoring in Financial engineering


After drop out from the KAIST , I entered in Yonsei university (applied statistics graduate school) : major : statistics (3.94/4.3)


Graduate mathematic : Real analysis(A0), Financial mathematics(A+), Numerical analysis(I will take coming semester)

Graduate statistics : Mathematical statistics1(A-), Nonparametrics1(A+), Credibility theory(A0), Linear model(A0), Statistical computing(A0),

                   Statistical learning theory(A+), Survival analysis(A-)

Etc : two courses in economic graduate school : econometric(A-), Asset pricing(B+)
       one course from English literature graduate school : English writing (I will take this coming semester)



GRE  : General: Verbal 152, Quantitative 168, Writing 3.5

TOEFL : 91/120 

(more tests will be tried so that I can get slight more higher than this)


Research Experience: 

Thesis : I am currently working on a thesis on extreme value distribution (not published)

Lecture : Teaching Assistance in statistics : 1 years and half

I will TA this coming last semester in statistic in English lecture.

I have Korean national teacher license and I taught mathematic in high school for one months before join to army


Programming available

C++/C, Matlab, unix, R, SAS, Visual basic, etc

I served as a computational army when I was army for 2 years.

I am very easily familiar with the programming even if I am new to some program.

Numerical analysis is one of more core which I devoted to study.


Research Area Ambitions: Not sure. But hopefully, theoretical statistics, time series analysis, extreme value theory, copola theory. 

Letters of Recommendation: I can get three letters but I am not sure about the contents.


Goal graduate school(only full scholarship wanted) : all are statistics, not biostat

1. Wharton school : statistics

2. Wisconsin

3. Michigan






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Your 91 TOEFL is a problem. Many schools require a minimum of 100.

Honestly, I think that the schools you listed are probably out of reach; places like Iowa State, Texas A&M, etc. might be a better bet for you.

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Thank you for your advice, sir. 

In fact, just studying in the US is my dream. 

Even if I wrote three schools I mentioned above as a goal,

I was very happy to hear that I could even be a "consideration" for the schools like Texas A&M, Iowa, etc, even if there is low possibility to get admission from those good schools. ^^

And I am not that care about the highly ranked or lowly ranked graduate schools in the US since studying there is just a happiness. ^^



I am studying while only looking forward to achieve American Dream and happiness while studying what I love to do ^^


And I have just took one time test of TOEFL in my life, therefore I hope to have more higher point next time when I take again.


May I ask your opinion, sir ?

As a professor, how do you think about my mathematical background?

I tremendously put all of my effort into mathematics studying since I wanted to acquire the rooted background in mathematics 

so that I can apply this background to the statistics, which is my dream I want to achieve in the US. 

I know that my English is not a level that I can proud of, but would you think that my mathematical background would make 

a pay off or compensation to the lacking of the English proficiency?


I would like to know the other weakness or strength which would make your eyes glance one more time.


I will make my weakness be stronger and my strength be more emphasized in the given 3 months before applying, which is the fist and the last

opportunity in my life to achieve my dream and contribution. 


And one more question. 

May I ask which schools are belongs to the "etc" in the words in your sentence 

" the Iowa State, Texas A&M, etc.". 

Since I have no background in US university culture and ranking, please let me know 

some schools concretely which are more tangible to me. 


Best regard. 

Thank you very much

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