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Dutch Art PhD?


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Hi all!

I'm interested in pursuing a PhD with a focus on Northern European art, most likely Seventeenth-Century Dutch art (paintings/print culture both appeal to me). It is my understanding that the generation of great scholars in the field has largely retired or died at this point, but I know there must be good professors out there somewhere! I'm already familiar with Adams at UCSB and Brusati at UMich, but I'm trying to develop a more substantial range of schools to consider applying to. I am definitely intrigued by international programs as well. 


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I know almost nothing about his scholarship, but I met Joseph Koerner (Harvard) once at a talk, and he was just the nicest person. It's not often that I remember an academic for the loveliness of their personality, but he's one of those.

Edit: his biography seems like he might have shifted his focus to (fin-de-siècle?) Vienna now, but I saw him talk about seventeenth-century Dutch painting and architecture.

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