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Am I a good fit for sociology?

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Hi. I recently graduated from a public university with a B.A. in anthropology and a linguistics minor. I am interested in starting my doctoral studies in the Fall 2016 semester and ultimately becoming a university professor. My question is: Is sociology the right field for me?

I have two central fields of interest: (1.) I am interested in how systems of knowledge and the complexity/accessibility of information affect the organization of society and interactions among different socioeconomic/political groups, and (2.) I am interested in criminological theory and urban studies (more specifically, the culture of poverty and crime in major inner-cities.)

Here's the catch: I am not at all interested in Marxist analysis/criticism, critical theory, or gender/racial inequality; I don't plan on ever incorporating these sorts of frameworks in my research. For me, the greatest work in sociology came from the field's classical liberal roots: William Graham Sumner, Herbert Spencer, Adam Smith, etc. More contemporary scholars whose work has impacted my understanding of social theory: James Q. Wilson, Edward Banfield, Thomas Sowell, and Charles Murray.

Clearly, I am interested in the sorts of issues that sociologists work with. However, I seem to have some very major ideological differences with the average scholar that you'd find working in a university sociology department. Are these differences in methodology and theory reconcilable, or should I just pursue a PhD in political science instead?


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Those sound like sociological interests, and not everyone is into race, gender, and Marx, and you don't necessarily have to incorporate them fully into your research. Now, there are gendered and racial dimensions to most topics; that's inevitable. However, I think you would still be a good fit for a sociology program. 

I mean, as long as you're not opposed to learning more about those areas in required Theory courses, I don't see why it would be irreconcilable. 

I will say this though: you're interested in crim theory and urban sociology. Be ready for racial inequality being incorporated into that, and be open to learning about it. Race is a huge part of crim, urban soc

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I would definitely do research on the programs and what their base of study is before you apply, but definitely sounds like sociology is for you. I did my undergrad in sociology and part of learning unfortunately is dealing with things you may not always want to learn - but as long as you're open minded you'll be set.

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I gotta say, if you want to study crim then you have to be open to gender/racial inequality. It's like saying you're interested in math but don't want to learn to utilize algebra. If you want to study the sociology of knowledge then you will have to be open to Marx and other critical thinkers. I suppose, what I am really saying is, you don't seem to have a good attitude. 

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