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Critical geopolitics/conflict?


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Hi all, I'm currently getting a master's in international relations focusing on Europe/Russia and military analysis. However, I developed an interest in political geography after taking a course in it during my last semester of undergrad and am interested in going onto a PhD in geography. Research interests are critical geopolitics and the geography of conflict, particularly in the Balkans and former USSR (I noticed that this matches up almost perfectly with O'Loughlin at CU-Boulder, though the rest of the political geographers at that department seem to be China-focused). Also interested in the field of military geography, though I know that this is a pretty small subfield. Here are my basic stats:

BA, international affairs, 3.3 GPA

MA, international studies, 3.7 (finishing this spring)

GRE: 590V/630Q/6.0A (I imagine this is a bit low and I'd have to re-take to be admitted to the PhD level)

I noticed that George Mason offers grad courses in these fields, though can't tell if that translates over to faculty research (i.e. looks like those might be taught by adjuncts). Any insight on that as well? Thanks.

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Maybe take a look at Kansas. Also, I think Deb Cowen (at Toronto) might do research in this area but can't remember. If there's a military geography specialty group of the AAG (Association of American Geographers), you can look up their members on their website.

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