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Portland State University


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Anyone been here/applied here? I like the area and the program seems really cool, but I haven't seen much in the forum about this school.



1. Did you apply here?

2. Did you get in?

3. What were your grades like?

4. Did you attend here? What was it like?

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I applied and got in and attended one semester. I had a B average in a tangentially related undergraduate degree and three years of work experience. I felt the school was disorganized and very behind in terms of technology. They're introduced new programs and as a result scheduling and advising and other issues seemed to be overly complex and with a lot of "not my responsibility" in terms of attitude. 

However, some people really like it so that's great. I'd go to an intro session if you're able to do so!

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I applied here and was accepted, will start fall '16. 

Granted, I've not yet attended, but we see many psu interns through my employer and they all have good things to say. One of my references also has a friend in their 2nd year and that person loves it. Hope this helps!

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