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MPP after MBA

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Has anyone, or does anyone know of people switching to the development/Government sector after their MBA and then going on to do an MPP?

About me: From Third World Country. Just graduated with a degree in Accounting. Want to go on to do a doctorate in Public Policy/Political Economy but Financial circumstances make a local MBA my best option in the immediate future. I want to see if switching later is a realistic choice. 

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Hi Eqbalchomsky,

Considering how much interaction there is now between the public, private and governmental sectors, I would say that getting an MBA and then later getting a PhD in Public Policy or Political Economy should not be a problem. You will need to convince the admissions committees for your doctorate programs that you are 100% clear on why you want to get a PhD in Public Policy (after having earned an MBA), but this is the challenge anyone applying to any doctorate program must overcome. If you're serious about pursuing a PhD, you should pursue opportunities to do some research (you can be a research assistant to a professor at a local university) and/or get some of that research published in a peer reviewed journal.

There are so many people (such as myself) pursuing joint degrees in business and public policy / public administration that you will just fit in with the rest of us.

Best of luck!


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