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Hello! I'm working on a History Ph.D (kinda) and I just returned from my first archival research trip with a few thousand documents. My original plan is shot, as I needed to work in a specific archive that is closed for the time being. So, I went with a broad approach and scanned a lot more than I had originally intended.

Is there a specific software that is best for organizing and tagging a bunch of image files? I basically want to create my own searchable archive but I don't know where to start. People have suggested Evernote (I'm a PC user) but it doesn't look like what I want. Any suggestions?

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I used Evernote on my last research trip and it worked okay, but I didn't love it. It's not built as a research tool, and as such, lacks some of the functionality. Zotero and Mendeley are better, free alternatives (I went with Zotero). 

If you're really serious about the searchable archive, Gradhacker did a write up of Devonthink Pro (http://www.gradhacker.org/2013/10/02/building-a-research-database-with-devonthink-pro-office/) and it looks like pretty amazing software. 

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Devonthink Pro DOES look amazing and it makes me hate that I'm a PC user. Thanks for suggesting Mendeley though! It's downloaded and I'm going to poke at it today. I've tried Zotero and it's great for organizing pdfs but I wanted something a little different. 

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