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Profile evaluation for MS in stats

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I'm a US domestic student (non-minority) with a BS in math and physics and GPA's 3.11 and 3.35 respectively.

I took my GRE today: 162Q/156V/Pending AWA. I think this is a sufficient score (160+ Q is fine, right?)

I have some basic research skills from a physics lab working with MATLAB. Nothing published and minimal conclusions unfortunately.

I got A's in multivariable calc, linear algebra, and an introductory data analysis class (matlab). I feel "unqualified" that I got a C in probability, but I believe I can do much better if I were to take it again. Do I need to explain this bad grade? I read that a lot for writing graduate school apps.

My tentative list of schools (from what I recall, they're applied stats programs): Oregon State, Rutgers, Stony Brook, U Texas Dallas, U Minnesota, WashU, UCLA, UMass Amherst, WPI, U Waterloo (Canada). I looked into schools that offered some kind of aid. Are there too many reaches? Generally speaking, I don't want to apply to schools in the south or midwest (barring the exceptions I listed above, but if anyone has suggestions in adjacent states, that can be helpful too).

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These schools sound like a good balance.   You may include a school or two that only requires a 3.0 Depending  on the school and what classes you did not mention, there may be some foundations courses you may have to take.  Or possibly a graduate level course that is sufficient.  You will most likely need to do so for probability since you recieved a "C".   You can check the admissions requirements for each program.  Typically prob and stat, intro to real, and maybe abstract algebra are the minimum level.

Why are you ommitting the midwest and south?  There are some more affordable and respectable programs in these regions.

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I would like to find some schools with a lower gpa requirement. Any that are at the top of your head?

I haven't taken stats or real analysis, and I just took one semester of abstract algebra, so that is why I am trying to focus more on applied stats programs.

I guess I am concerned about living in a non-diverse area (I am asian, and I thought that was not considered a minority applicant). Maybe I have not looked into schools that have a higher diversity percentage in the midwest.

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I live in Indiana.  Purdue and Indiana University are quite diverse.  They have satelittle campuses with the same masters degrees but with lower tuition and higher acceptance rates.  University of Illinois has similar satelittes  as well.  Many other states have satelitte campuses but as far as I know the options are quite limited and mostly undergraduate or MBA

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