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Is a low quant score enough to ruin a grad school app?


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Hi everyone!

Thank you in advance for your consideration. I am wondering if a low quantitative score on the GRE is enough to negate other strong aspects of my application. I am applying to Master's programs in Sociology and in Women's Studies (both interest me equally, and I have extensive experience with both). Here are my qualifications:

GPA: 3.8     

GRE: Verbal 168 (98th percentile), Analytical Writing 5.5 (98th percentile), Quantitative 150 (40th percentile - which is why I'm so concerned!)

Research experience: 8 individual projects under the tutelage of professors, including original research pending submission for publication

Other: My letters of recommendation and statement of purpose are not of concern to me, because I have several strong LORs and am confident in my ability to write an effective SOP. 

What do you think - is my quant score enough to sabotage my chances of getting into a Master's program? I am considering retaking the GRE, but am a low-income student and will not be able to afford it for a couple of months (so, too late to turn in those results with my initial application to grad programs). Thank you again for your comments and input.

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