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Biostats Grad application eval

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I am thinking of applying to PhD programs in biostatistics, specifically BU, UNC and Harvard MS but don't know what programs would be more appropriate to my application.

Any help would be greatly appreciated

My profile is as follows:

Undergrad Institution: top public research institute
Major(s): Mathematics , Public Health
GPA in Major:  3.8
Overall GPA: 3.72

GRE Scores (revised version):
Q: 160 (80%)
V: 150
AW: 3.5

retaking in oct.

Research Experience: Completed a capstone thesis as a part of the University Honors program, where statistical analysis was the basis of the research and SAS programing Also completed an independent study with a professor.

Awards/Honors/Recognitions: cum laude, honors college great distinction (A on thesis)

Programming: SAS( inc. Macros), R, Java, Matlab

Pertinent Activities or Jobs: 1 year TA for a public health course, 4 years intern at a health study (sas programmer), 1 year employment at a biopharma (DM), SIBS student

Letters of Recommendation: have 2 biostat/epi professors, 1 health study researcher program head

Stats Courses taken: Probability, regression analysis, grad biostatistics, hypothesis testing,/design of experients , analysis of variance

Proof-based courses: Real Analysis, Abstract Algebra,  Mathematical Statistics (1,2,3)

Other courses: Linear Algebra (2 years) epidemiology, chemistry,



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Here are my guesses.

Assuming strong grades across Calculus, LA, and Real Analysis... I would say:

Harvard MS - Likely

BU (PhD assumingly) - Safe bet

UNC - Probably... If you're a US resident, then it's closer to likely, and lesser so if you're not. 


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