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Which referees would you request?


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I am starting the application process this year (yikes!) and have a question regarding which letter-writers would present the strongest case for me.   I have my honors advisor, and she's an obvious pick.  The other three are as follows:


1) An associate professor/program director of psychology at my school who supervised me on a poster project over the summer,

2)  An associate professor who invited me to be her TA last summer/fall and has said she would give me a great letter,

3) A Ph.D. lecturer who taught research methods II, used my project as part of her class going forward, and asked me to be a TA for her as well, and also volunteered to write a letter.


If I need two or three total, which ones would you pic?



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I would definitely pick option #1 for sure as your second letter.

For your third letter, it's a close call between options 2 and 3. I think I would slightly prefer option 2 unless you feel that the content of Option 3's letter would be significantly better than option 2 (it might, since it sounds like your project really impressed this person). However, option 3 may not have a ton of experience supervising students because you say they are a lecturer rather than a professor. However, if this person is very experienced and have supervised many other students too, then this could be a better choice. Just my thoughts though--I think both #2 and #3 are great options.

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I agree with TakeruK. Definitely go with letter #1, and I am leaning towards #2 for the other option, since you've already been her TA thus I assume you've worked closely with her.

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