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Statistics PhD profile eval


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I am thinking of applying to Phd programs in statistics but I don't know which ones to apply to, as I don't have a specific field of interest yet.  I have some programs in mind that I want to apply to from a location standpoint, but I am definitely not limited to these programs/locations.

 UW - Madison

 Michigan State

 Penn State


Here is my profile:

Undergrad: UW - Madison

Major: Statistics

GPA: 3.3 (This is what I am mainly concerned about. All of my stats classes are A/AB but math/comp sci were around B's. I am going to take the math subject test.)


Q 169

V 159

AW 4

Awards: Second place in Midwest Undergraduate Data Analytics Competition.

Stats course taken: Probability, regression, experimental designs, categorical data analysis, machine learning. 

Other courses: a few actuarial science classes.

Also I am an international student.


Thanks in advance!



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Since you are unsure about which field in statistics to be in, you would want to be in a larger statistics program that has a wide variety of research. Here are top programs in statistics that have a wide range of research.

University of Washington

University of Michigan




The only issue with these programs is that they are very competitive. Your GPA might be too low, but you depending on how you pitch your application you can still get into a great program regardless of GPA.

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