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Top Economics PhD Programs 2016

Nana Gerst

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Hello mates!

Has anyone gone through the admission process for PhD in Economics? I'm currently looking for the best programs to be enrolled in 2016. Considered a lot of options, but still hard to make a decision. Can you recommend one of these universities?

  • National University of Singapore: This is one of the schools offering top economics programs around the world. Getting PhD in the school helps you to be more knowledgeable. For admission requirements, you should completed master’s degree, English language proficiency for non-native speakers and has strong honors degree.
  • University of Milan: The PhD program can be completed in three years providing general education in economics. It is taught in English language and for PhD economics admissions, students should have strong motivation and knowledge. Students must submit their research proposal, curriculum vitae and transcript of record, reference letters and any publications.
  • University of Illinois: The university is offering extensive curriculum for students to meet their needs. Candidates are required to submit examinations on Econometrics, Macroeconomics and Microeconomics. GPA test score and dissertation is required.
  • University of Messina: This is one of the top economics programs in the nation. Their program meets the international requirements and offering rigorous training. Students can able to develop their abilities and skills. For requirements in admission, you need to submit undergraduate degree, curriculum vitae, research proposal, reference letters and official transcript of record.

The list is taken from here:

PhD Application in 2016

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You want to choose a program based on your chosen field or speciality rather than name. For example, if you are into Macro, Minnesota is the school to be at. I'm not sure about rankings for international schools though. 

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