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Bayes-friendly (bio)stats programs?


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Could anyone provide a list of statistics and biostatistics departments that are considered friendly to Bayesian methods?  I am not a Bayesian hard-liner, but would like to attend a program where I can get a very solid foundation in both Bayesian and frequentist methods, and write a Bayesian dissertation if I develop in that direction.  And I'm interested in all relevant departments, not just top 10.  

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While I am not in biostats, I know that University of Michigan and Harvard are Bayesian friendly schools. (Source: My advisor is a Bayesianist and graduated from University of Michigan under Roderick Little and a friend graduate from Harvard). The same friend that graduate from Harvard also received her undergraduate from University of Washington (UW). I initially thought UW was a Bayesian friendly department, but I saw your other post and cyberwulf said otherwise. I am unsure now.

Another place is Duke University. Jerry Reiter is a big name in Duke's statistics department and he does Bayesian Statistics - he was a student of Ruben from Harvard.

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For statistics, Duke is considered the leading Bayesian program.  Some new programs like UT-Austin, UC Santa Cruz and to a lesser extent UC-Irvine are also heavily Bayesian.

For biostatistics, Minnesota has many Bayesians including Brad Carlin.  Michigan also has a sizable group of Bayesians.

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