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Saint Mary's University (Canada) I/O psychology program


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Hello everyone

I am an American student that had a few questions about St. Mary's I/O Psychology PhD program. I was wondering if anyone had any knowledge about the reputation of the program. I have never heard of the university, until one of my colleagues told me to look into Canadian programs. I noticed that only 2 were listed under the SIOP website. While doing some research in the school, I noticed that the requirements were very basic, and there was not too much information on their website. 

I am also curious if anyone had any insight on the job potential and marketability of the degree, if I were to graduate with a PhD from St. Mary's. I would like to go back and work in the United States, but I am open to working in Canada. I am either open to working at another university or to go back to the business world working as a consultant. 

Any advice would be great, because I do not know anything about the Canadian education system. 


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Hey, first I think you may want to check your sources a bit. There's at least 11 schools that has a I/O program in either the Master or Doctoral level. Check the link here: http://csiop-scpio.ca/education-training/ioprograms.html

From a general perspective, I think you would find that Canadian universities stand very well when it comes to marketability. Depending on your research or field interest, you can find a lot of faculty members at their respective universities that can offer a great deal of tutelage to any student. There's definitely less universities/programs compared to the US, which can make some of the programs overlooked, but we have some good ones too! For I/O, Waterloo and Guelph are the ones that spring to mind first, but that may be due to proximity more than anything. Waterloo, especially, has a strong Psychology foundation, and their closeness to the business and tech industries is renowned. That connection may be very useful for someone interested in pursuing I/O.

Feel free to check out the fledgling forum thread here for the 2016 Application Cycle for Canadian applicants/programs and ask other questions: http://forum.thegradcafe.com/topic/68773-canadian-psychology-applicants-fall-2016/

Good luck!

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