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Phd Profile Evaluation


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Successful applicants and students please provide feedback on my profile.

My interests are decision science and applied operations research/management science.

Undergrad in Software Engineering (unranked private) with 3.41 gpa

Masters in Industrial Engineering (top 150 engineering school) with 3.16 gpa

Need to retake GRE scores from 2010/2011 were v151 q155 aw3.0

I completed the masters while working full time and taking a full course load. I have 4 years experience in software engineering and operations research at a Global 500 company.

I have no publications but I have drafts

Research notes in computational methods

A literature review in quantitative methods for sustainability in resource econonics

Deriving an ethical calculus from a quasiquantitative approach

I am confident my Letter of Intent should be strong and my three LOR would be tied to each of the sets of papers.

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My two cents:

Your engineering background is a plus to your application. Your work experience will be helpful as you relate to students later in your career, but research experience will be pivotal if you can pursue as many experience as possible. 

Your masters GPA means that your performance on the GRE will be especially important--work hard to up your score... and if you're not having success, consider taking a GMAT. 

How are your LORs? How deeply do you discuss methods in your lit review? Which methods do you use within your quasiquant paper?


You can come away with a very strong application if you up your GRE scores some. Keep at it!

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Thank you.  The literature review compares methods within engineering and the social science sciences and when they are most appropriate and when the problem is poorly defined.  The LOR for this is from the agricultural economics professor.

The LOR for computational methods would be from my MS advisor.

The quasiquantitative paper defines an algebraic function for ethical decisions and I was considering a modifed approach as a second paper.  A third paper could further expand the first two with game theory.  Many other papers could follow. The LOR would be from my Philosophy professor during undergrad.  His writting style and character would definitely yield a good LOR.

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Here are the schools I am planning to apply to, roughly ordered by difficulty.  What are my chances?

Western Michigan University, Applied Economics

Purdue, Management quantitative methods track

WashU, Economics

Michigan State University, Economics

Indiana University , Decision Science only 1-2 admits 

University of Chicago, Applied Operations Research track

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I think it's good that you have a spread of schools you are applying to. I would consider adding more, 2-3 more in the top 50-100.

On the other hand, there appears to be a great variety in the type of programs you are applying to. This may signal indecision to an admissions committee. I would hone in on your operations management interests and apply to those programs as closely as possible (spare a couple others if they specifically interest you).

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