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I CAN'T DECIDE!! MA Health Psychology/MPH


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Hi All!!!

I'm new to the cafe so I hope I'm positing this in the right place. I am a college graduate with a dual degree in Psychology and English Writing. I am currently researching graduate programs to apply to and am stuck between two paths: Master of Psychology with a concentration in health psych or behavioral medicine, and Master of Public Health. 

I have been working in mental health for over two year now and am learning I am not as passionate about psychotherapy as I am about preventing illness and promoting health through psychological study and intervention. I wish to have flexibility in my career, the ability to work with individuals, groups, communities, hospitals, corporations, what have you. I am currently at a loss for which path I should pursue.

Also, I am interested in potentially obtaining a PhD after completing the Master's. 

ANY THOUGHTS??? Anything would help.

Thank you so much!!

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Definitely the MPH. An MA in psychology doesn't really prepare you for any specific career field, other than going for a PhD in psychology. An MPH is considered the entry-level preparation in public health; it's the most common degree in that field, and is pretty widely recognized.

I had a similar tug of war on the doctoral level - "preventing illness and promoting health through psychological study and intervention" was pretty much exactly what I wanted to do - and ended up going to a PhD program that blended psychology and public health together. There's not really a direct equivalent on the master's level, but there are certainly behavioral science and psychology classes (and mental health classes) offered at schools of public health in MPH programs, and at some universities you might be able to take some classes from the psychology department to fulfill electives. You could also get an MHS in mental health from Johns Hopkins.

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