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Biostats MS profile evaluation


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UG School: Large public university (top 100 but not known for statistics department)

Ethnicity/Gender: Asian female

GPA: 3.83/4.00

GRE: V163 Q167 AWA4.5

LOR: 1 excellent, 1 good to great, 1 generic to good

Courses: Probability (B-), Mathematical Statistics I (A-), II (A+), Nonparametric Analysis (A), Regression Analysis (A), Analysis of Variance (A), Statistical Computing (A), Applied Linear Algebra (B-), Abstract Math I (A), Abstract Math II (A), Real Analysis I (A-), Real Analysis II (A)


  • 2+ years dementia research (independent study with well-known professor in the field), 3rd author publication in a special issue, 1st author manuscript in the works (mostly ready for submission), 2 UG conference presentations, 1 dementia research conference presentation
  • 1 short summer project with math prof on autism


  • quarter internship at the California Department of Public Health (mostly organizing data, analyzing infectious disease trends. etc)
  • 1 year in cancer research lab (survival analysis, power analysis, running statistical tests for graduate students and their projects)


  • Stats club secretary
  • Ambassador of mathematical sciences

Applying to: UC Davis Biostats MS (target), UC Berkeley Biostats MS (target/reach), University of Washington Biostats MS (reach), Stanford Statistics  (reach)

Please let me know if you have any school suggestions (preferably in California). I would prefer an applied/computational program (I read that UoW has a very theoretical program (?), so I might have to reconsider). Thank you for your time. 

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