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Awkward situation with LOR


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So I am unsure of what programs to apply to as of right now, I am between a PhD program for behavioral neuroscience and a nurse practitioner bridge program, leaning toward the PhD. I am unsure of which program I am going to apply for, but I would like to start asking professors for LORs. I graduated in August and I am unsure about which professors to ask for LORs, although I have a few ideas. Articles I've read say not to ask over emails, but I live a fair away from the campus, and I'm not sure if it's inappropriate to go to their office hours or ask for an appointment considering I'm not a student anymore. Anyone have any suggestions or advice for this kind of situation?

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You can absolutely ask for appointments or go to office hours even if you aren't their student anymore. If you're concerned then lean toward making an appointment. 


With LOR's it is usually best to pick people who have work experience with you, or research etc... these people will ideally have a working relationship with you so it isn't like you are just asking them out of the blue. Not sure what your situation is, but It is seldom inappropriate to ask to schedule an appointment with someone. In fact, since you are not sure where you are going to be applying to, you can also go to these appointments to ask for their advice and direction, maybe things to look for as you narrow down your field.


Hope that helps.

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