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What range of schools should I realistically be looking at?


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University Type: Top Canadian 

Program : Science - Physics & CS

GPA -3.5 (2.7 first year, 3.7 or more for the rest)

GRE - 170 Q, 166 V 4.5 W

Courses : full year macro, micro. The same ones the econ majors students take. Analysis I and II. Stochastic Processes (Graduate), Algorithmic Game Theory (Graduate), Computer Vision (Graduate)

Research : 2nd of 3 authors on a paper accepted to a relatively well known CS conference(for the particular subfield). The paper itself is essentially a micro-econ problem approached from a CS point of view. Note: As far as I've heard, Conferences in CS tend to be more prestigious than journals. 

Misc : Graduated a year and a half ago. Been working as a software dev ever since. Will this count against me?

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I'm assuming that you have had the necessary Calc 1-3 classes if you have taken Analysis. How did you do in those classes? What about your LORs? Your GPA is a little low, but not outside the range of top tier (especially for your major). I would honestly aim for top 20, but would spread out a little just for safety. 


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