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Hi everyone,

I hate to be that person! But I can't help it this time. I am a Psychology student and currently doing my Masters in Psychology with emphasis on physical health research. I am applying to PhD in PH programs, particularly in behavioral health (for some school ) and epidemiology (for others schools). My profile is:

1. Undergrad GPA - 3.82

2. Current graduate GPA - 3.77

3. I will get a great ReCo from my advisor and a good ReCo from other two professors.

4. Have two papers under review; One in prep

5. Will have two conference presentations

6. Don't have GRE scores yet, but expecting a good verbal score and an average quant score.


I have absolutely no idea about my chances at following schools:

1. Emory

2. U Washington

3. UC Irvine

4. NYU

All my life, I have been a Psychology student and since my master's research has been in areas related to global public health and my advisor is strong supporter of PH programs for this kind of research, I have decided it is a right path for me.

Any help will be appreciated! Is it a "decent profile" to have a shot at schools?

If any of you is working at a school with cancer/HIV research, I would really appreciate if I could talk/mail you briefly. Thanks a lot in advance!


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I can't really say much about your specific prospects HOWEVER, if you are looking to talk with people in your interest areas, I suggest you find the labs that you are interested and email the current grad students/RA's/post-docs :-)

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