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Recommend EmpowerGRE for Verbal prep - a great bang-for-the-buck" service


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Hi all,

I just want to write a quick note to recommend those who intend to take GRE to have a look at the preparatory course provided by EmpowerGRE. I just took the test last week and got 160 on Verbal. Although it is not considered to be in top score range (>90 percentile), it is a good result for me given my non-native English speaker status (I'm from Vietnam).

I spent about 8 months to prepare for the first GRE attempt, focused most of the time on Verbal since my quants are relatively good (>90 percentile). I have to say that I studied very serious, about 12-15 hours a week for 8 months. I used several online courses + materials from some notable and popular service providers, but I got only 153 on Verbal. Honestly, I was very disappointed given lots of time spent on Verbal prep., let alone the money invested. After the first attempt, I decided to retake the test and with some search on Internet, I trusted another 2-month preparation in EmpowerGRE. I am really surprised by the way EmpowerGRE coaches the Verbal. It's totally different in positive ways from materials I had studied. And I only took their 1-moth plan, focusing extensively on Verbal. After the plan, I just took Rich's (the coach) tips and advice to practice. Frankly I could not believe I could increase 7 points from my last attempt, but the outcome was really surprising. Anyway, I just want to say that I am very satisfactory with the course at EmpowerGRE and will not hesitate to recommend you to have a look at their website. Good luck in pursuing your grad studies! Du

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