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Am I competitive?


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Hey All! 

I am applying to graduate programs hoping to get in next fall for an AuD program. I'm hopeful in getting into an AuD/PhD program if possible. I've got excellent SoP and LoR. Based off of sheer numbers, what programs would I be competitive for? I'm seeking for an unbiased opinion. 

Overall GPA: 3.5 

Last 60 Credits: 3.59

Unofficial GRE results: 151 V 152 Q

I have over 70 hours of research, 60+ hours of teaching experience, 500+ hours of volunteering/humanitarian aid, and 20ish hours of shadowing experience. 

Thanks in advance!

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I would suggest going to this website and clicking through all the schools you're interested in. Each school lets you know the average scores they are looking for and I would narrow it down from there.


A strong SoP and experience is key. I know the GRE is most important to East coast schools and some others as well. If you really have an excellent SoP and stand out because of it I think you'll be just fine as you have experience in research (etc.) which a lot of people do not. However, I would apply to SEVERAL schools- as many as you can afford. Space is VERY limited. I have friends in my program now who have had to apply more than once as they weren't excepted the first time and their grades/GRE scores were fabulous. In my personal experience, my GRE scores are very similar to yours, my GPA a bit higher, and I had a year of research experience under a highly renowned woman in the field. I have an amazing SoP but was admitted to FAR less programs than I had expected. I recommend visiting the programs you are most serious about ( I did not do this).  Also, start brushing up on your interview skills!


TIP: Look back at you SoP and mention some of your future goals in the field and how specific elements of the program will help you achieve those goals. School's love when your SoP feels personalized to them. Create a paragraph for each one and just swap it out of your main SoP.

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To the original poster, what schools did you end up applying to? Have you heard anything yet?

I'm pretty nervous about getting an acceptance.  My cumulative GPA is a 3.44 and my major GPA is a 3.67. My last 60 hours GPA is about a 3.6. 

GRE scores:

Q - 158   V - 152   W - 4.0

I have a good SoP and decent rec letters. 

I ended up applying to 10 schools but I am so nervous since my cumulative GPA is lower than most. 

Good luck with the application process!!!

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