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Clinical psych grad school help


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So it has been 3 years since I have graduated but I feel I now know which direction I would like to go in with regards to Psychology. I would like to join a clinical psych PHD (or MA) program.

I am wondering what all I can do to increase my strength of an applicant for the fall 2016 admissions.

I had 2 semesters I/O research assistant  experience during my junior year of of college, however I have come out of touch with the research heads and do not have any letters of rec from that experience (aside from possible other research assistants who now have there MA or are working on PHD, but I know that is not strong enough).

There is one professor I can get a letter of rec from because I was a TA and took 3 of his classes.

My GRE score is alright, but my quant could definitely use improvement.... but I really dread retaking the GRE. I took it 3 years ago.


So with the amount of time given, what do you think I could do to strengthen my chance as an applicant?

I am looking into applying to current research labs at my old university as a RA but I do not know if they will take me now that I have graduated.



Thanks for reading this and possibly contributing!



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Thanks for the response beyond! Better late than never!


I appreciate you highlighting those issues. I am going to try to reach out and get a letter of rec from one of the research lab heads. Maybe I will be successful this time.

As for the 3 year gap, I have been a teaching assistant at charter school for students with ASD, and then subbing for 2 years in regular and exceptional education classrooms. Maybe the ESE experience will help somewhat.


I totally agree about going for MA first. I am looking at getting either 1 year MA or 2 year research masters in Netherlands or germany and then applying for phd programs. I feel I will be much more equipped to know what programs I am interested in and will be a much stronger candidate after that. There are several 1 year MA in netherlands at reputable schools , I know the 2 year research masters programs are more competitive and look better but I like the idea of 1 year MA then going into PhD.



I see you are applying for Clinical PhD programs....  I really wish you the best!!

One of the schools (Univ of central florida) is where I got my B.S.  If you have any questions about Orlando or the school or anything, don't hesitate to ask me!







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