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Who to ask for my Letters of Recommendation


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Hello everyone

I would like to ask some people for some advice on who should I ask to write my LORs. I will be planning on applying to a couple of I/O Psychology or Counseling PhD programs for fall 2016, and I was curious of people's opinion about the people of whom I decided to ask for an LOR. I have been working in International HR for the past 5 years (in a large conglomerate), and I have not been in contact with any of my old professors. I have been volunteering at a psychotherapy clinic during weekends for the past year. So far the people that I have asked to write my LOR are my boss, and the Vice President of the company I am currently working at. The third LOR is from the director of the clinic that I am volunteering at.

I was curious about someone's opinion of how crucial a LOR from a former professor is for the application process. I assumed if my work experience and my intention to applying I/O Psychology programs, my recommendations would be good enough. 

Any insight on this would be great.

Thank you 

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