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My GRE Experience


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I recently took the GRE and scored 156Q/164V/5.0AW.  Thegradcafe gave me great advice on how to study and thus I wanted to contribute to the body of knowledge based on my experience. I used three online resources: 1) Magoosh; 2) Empower GRE; 3) Manhattan GRE online tests.


Best Study Guide:

Empower GRE 2 Month Plan



Empower GRE





Analytic Writing:

Empower GRE (format) & Magoosh (content)


Most realistic tests:

Manhattan GRE

(my scores range over six tests were 152-156)


Other Resources:

The New Yorker, Scientific American, Vocabulary.com, and Magoosh Phone Apps


My final advice is learning to pace yourself on the real exam. If pacing is something you struggle with, as I do, I found it extremely helpful to take all practice exams under actual time restrictions.  Follow the Empower GRE study guide and supplement the verbal sections with Magoosh.  The AW section I found to be the easiest, you essentially have a format you follow regardless of what prompt you get.  Make sure to bring food, water, and do a quick workout on your given time breaks.  Have fun destroying this exam, I sure did. I will be happy to provide any additional recommendations feel free to PM me. 

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Hi JD,

That's great news about your Official Score results. That score combination puts you in a strong position to apply to Grad School, so you shouldn't hold back when it comes to your applications. 

Have you thought about what Schools/Programs you plan to apply to?

GRE Masters aren't born, they're made,


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