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Pick up an MS in Finance?


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Hi Everybody,

So I graduated from a well ranked liberal arts college in 2014 with a BA in Economics and Latin. At this time I wasn't really sure what I wanted to do, so I entered an MA in Classics, as I had a funded offer with a TA ship. However, I don't think Academia or teaching is the right fit for me, so I'm looking at perhaps picking up an MS in Finance, with the intention of improving my prospects for the banking, advising, and investment world. The idea is that this would build nicely upon my skill-set in econ, which includes a research internship in public policy in 2013, and work with econometrics/ quantitative analysis. Also, an MS would fit nicely with pursuing a CFA if I decided to do so. Anyways, does this sound like a good idea/ what else should I perhaps look into at improving my private sector qualifications? Thanks for your help. 

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Think about how you'd like to go about it and the type of positions/roles you'd like to target.  I opted for a MBA with a Concentration in Finance, rather than a MS in Finance - since I wanted exposure to the other business disciplines, a heavy management influence, etc. 

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