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  1. Congrats! My MA GPA was much lower than my MBA. It wasn’t necessarily a couple steps up as much as it was a change in the program. It’s very different and a test of endurance. I found my MA equipped me much better for this.
  2. It certainly keeps things interesting. My dual program was 60 credits, but the MBA individually would have been 42 or the MA would have been 45. I've seen MBAs reach up to 60 credits. I have to do about 45 credits (outside of what was brought in) of course work, plus 18 credits of dissertation. Everything I do is "for credit" with varying levels of credit awarded (most classes are 3 credits, but there is a 1 and a 2 credit course in "research residencies." My grades just posted and I managed to pull all As for the three courses this semester. I envy the lighter course credit work!
  3. I did - I finished my MA/MBA (it was a dual program) in December of 2015 - I started Summer of 2016 into the PhD. They require at least 17 credits come from Master's level work - I brought in 22 and also waived the first research course. Total program is 85 credits (including dissertation credits) so I'm all in for about 63 of "work." We require 18 dissertation credits (included in the 63) and I'm planning to pace at about 4.5 years myself. That leaves 3 semesters (Fall, Spring, Fall) to complete the dissertation, provided I get through prelims, etc. unscathed. Unfortunately I don't quali
  4. So - as I attempt to procrastinate my way into ignoring very real assignment commitments, I figured I'd write a post on "what happens next." As you may (or may not know) I applied to 6 programs, was accepted 3, and ended up attending my first choice program. I applied to 4 PhD Programs, a DPA program, and a DBA program. I got into 2 PhD programs and the DBA programs. Of course I've gone back to see what the other programs look like. One PhD program gets 30-40 applications and accepts 4 with hopes of getting 2. The year prior to my application they accepted only and were looking for facul
  5. Of course! My apologies for the late reply! I was mid semester and work is still crazy. It all seems to work out in the end. My GPA was decent to good. My GRE was decent, but in the end if all works out. I was just having this conversation with my boss the other day how things had worked out (after three layoffs and various professional challanges) that things has, in many ways come together after 7-8 years. Sometimes it's hard to see the forest through the trees. I had ultimately added two more "backup" schools, which were no easier to get into, but would work for what I was looking to ac
  6. Acceptances and Rejections are in.  Decision is made. Now I have to figure out a computer that's appropriate.  Any suggestions?

  7. It was a mixed bag. I got into 3 out of 6, but not necessarily the three I anticipated. I also wasn't looking for a funded program as I'm planning to work and they'll cover costs up to $7500. I looked specifically for affordable programs and stuck to those 6. There was a 7th that I was considering, pending these outcomes.
  8. After an incredibly long day I rolled home. I ate some swedish fish for dinner (because that's what grad students do, right?!?). I took a shower and took the dogs for a walk. I opened my mailbox and the final response I had been waiting for was in there. Valdosta was the last school to get back to me and had sent an email telling me to expect results last week. The date on the letter to date of receipt was a nine day difference. I was rejected. I was kind of surprised. When I check their admission criteria I checked it all (over GRE requirements, over GPA requirements, lengthy job hist
  9. I was accepted to Communications Media & Instructional Technology (PhD). What program are you looking at? The program I was looking at was a cohort based model with classes offered on Friday evening, and two half day offerings on Saturday. Typically they met 7ish times a semester. This seems to be unique to this program.
  10. So the time has come. I have to decide among a few acceptances. Yes, I understand that this is a good problem to have, but it's also challenging to sort through what the best option is. If it's the best option - will the faculty be who I want to work with. I'm also waiting to hear from one more program. To recap - I was accepted to Indiana University of Pennsylvania in their Communication Medias and Instructional Technology PhD, Indiana State in a consortium PhD in Technology Management with a specialization in Human Resource Development & Industrial Training, and a DBA program at
  11. @rack_attack124 I think the challenge here was when this was published the GRE had already changed format, but the GMAT had not. There may have been difficulty trying to compare tests that were even more different then than they are now. I applied to a DPA, a DBA, 2 in Technology Management, a Communications Media Program, and a Financial Planning Program. On the GMAT I had a perfect AW score 4.5 on the GRE. (GMAT was like 94th percentile and GRE was 80th). Quantitative I was in the low teens on the GMAT, but 48th percentile on the GRE. Verbal was about a little higher on GMAT (high 70's
  12. Where do you see a 67% error? I see a predicted range of scores (and the anticipated score was actually higher than my GMAT score when my GRE was converted). It gave me a higher predicted quantitative and lower predicted verbal percentile. You may disagree, but typically GMAT test takers are better versed in quantitative methods (save for the science specific).
  13. Literally the next day. I'm going to work through what may come with financial assistance and then make a discussion. While I hate to abruptly leave one program that I started working through shortly after enrolling, but in the end each program will be better off if I wish to be there or someplace else. Unfortunately this may happen more often than we realize.
  14. Unfortunately it appears the conversion is correct. As someone who took both I scored significantly lower on the GMAT. It appears that for one reason or another the GMAT is more competitive than the GRE and thus the higher percentiles in the GRE typically falls significantly in the GMAT.
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