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SOP Questions Anthropology applicant coming from undergrad with no regional interest or strong research plan?

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I'm an undergrad shooting for anthro phd programs. I am EXTREMELY well read in anthropology, to the point where I take PhD seminars and, though I struggled a lot at first, ended up excelling in them (I'm at an Ivy). This is what made me sure that I wanted to pursue graduate study.  My thoughts are good, but they do lie in the more theoretical realm: i.e, im interested in studying, in a broad sense, violence and desire, and the history of anthropological thought in those ideas, and in the future, hopefully sited in all different places. my fieldwork is currently situated in my city, but I'm worried anthro programs will want a more global and specific project scope. 


how can I do an SOP that will reflect the fact that I'm a strong candidate academically, just am more theoretical/ haven't had an oppurtunity timewise to visit another country/do fieldwork there. I did do a study abroad program that greatly influenced my research interests, however. my question is, how specific a plan do you need, and any tips for showing potential in a statement? 

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I'm an anthro major too, but mine's in physical anthro and I'm not too strong in cultural but maybe I can provide a little help anyways.  I don't have a lot of outside practice in bioarchaeology (my main area of interest), so my SOP is focusing on the stuff that I read, why I want to study the things I study, and what I have done to prepare me for the field (i.e. classwork, projects, etc.)  This would be beneficial for all anthro subfields I think, and more than likely any other discipline entirely.

 I would focus on a) what made you want to study anthropology; b) what has led you to where you are today in your studies; c) what you want to study exactly and if you have a general idea of where you want to study that too; d) why you chose to study that specific topic; e) what exactly you can bring to the discipline and why your research interests matter.  Make sure that you tailor the SOP for each individual program (at least when it comes to your research interests).  You want to find a school that has at least the same theoretical framework (violence and peace studies for example).  If they have a regional basis in the program that would be better, but from what I've been told by numerous professors is to make sure the theoretical framework is there because if it's not then the program isn't good for you.

Hope that helps!

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