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Scales and measurements for research


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Hello people,

I'll just note here that it's my first post on this board :)

 Okay, business..

I am doing my master in marketing in Lithuania. As most of the master students, I am in the process of writing my master paper. I've had a preliminary research model/framework of my paper, but unfortunately due to some unseen circumstances I had to change few items in it. Now as I changed them, I faced the difficulty to find the proper measurement scales for them.

These are the variables: 1. Involvement in social media  (platform - Facebook) and 2. Previous Experience with product

I own books of Marketing scales (Marekting scales handbook & Handbook of marketing scales) but none of them have any related information about them


It might be that any of you had the same variables/constructs in your papers, so would be nice to if you suggest me few reliable scales

or maybe you know any internet resources for such scales and instruments


Thanks in advance


P.S. Sorry to moderators of board, I guess, I had to open this thread in here: http://forum.thegradcafe.com/forum/93-research/ ?!

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