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Will past issues still impact me?


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Hi everyone,

I am sure you read this here on the forum quite a bit but I have a concern I was hoping you guys would help me with. So when I enrolled into college, I enrolled as a bio major. My first two years were horrible as a bio major as I suffered from severe anxiety (was diagnosed my sophomore year) and I was unhappy in the major. Once I switched to psychology my junior year, my grades were like night and day. I started getting straight A's and A-s and my life really turned around. I knew I wanted to get a PhD in health psych but didnt have enough research experience by my senior year (3 labs in two semesters and a clinical internship and research internship) (as i only switched in my junior year) and my bio grades really dragged down my GPA. My overall GPA was a 3.0 but my psych GPA was about a 3.9 and my last two years my GPA was a 3.76. Anyway, I decided to complete a Master's instead to show I can handle graduate level work. I completed my masters of science in health psych this september at a really well established school (#2 for psych/psychiatry in the world) and I did really well. Because I decided to do it in the UK (I am a dual citizen and health psych is more established there than it is in the US and the program was really strong) the grading system is a bit different. My final grades are to come out in November but I should be getting a high merit or distinction (so either a 3.7 or 4.0). I am applying to doctorate programs now....I know they look at undergrad GPAs...how badly do you think my first two years (back in 2010/2011) will influence me given I have completed a Master's in the same field I intend to do my doctorate in? I know other aspects of my application matters and other than my grades I think my overall application is pretty strong. I am working on improving my GREs but I just wanted to know they wont completely ax me out based on my GPA from undergrad which is dragged down by my first two years as a bio major. I will put in a sentence or two explaining that too in my SOP. Thanks!

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