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Post-Skype Talk Advice


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Hi everyone,

Last week I had a successful talk on Skype with a potential PI (at least I feel like it..). I was very nervous before the talk and it turned out to be just fine- She liked my ideas regarding her research and we developed them together, we discovered we had a lot in common and she gave me some tips regarding my application. My question is: Is it important that I stay in touch with her and update her on the progress (regarding her tips)? Or should I just leave it as it is and approach her only if I have extra questions?

I know it’s kind of an uptight question. It is just that I’m not an American and I’m afraid to make minor mistakes of politeness. I’m very interested in the program and in her as a PI.

I’ll appreciate every tip and advice (even if it’s just a “calm down”:P)

Thanks a lot!

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If you haven't already, definitely send a thank you email to the PI! But, I wouldn't send her a bunch of updates going forward. Email if you have specific questions and maybe send a quick email saying that you've submitted your application once you've actually done so. Good luck!

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