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I'm generally wondering how PPIA Fellows have fared in the past. If people are willing to share the schools they applied to, were admitted to, and funding offered I would really like to know. You don't have to identify your cohort or anything, but I'd also like to know how soon you applied after the fellowship.

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I am about two years out of college and am applying for next fall. I think a lot of PPIAers will eithier be applying within the two year timeline or are attending other professional programs (MBA, JD, etc.) in that timeframe. My cohort is split with about 30% of ppl continuing with the MPP in my estimations.

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I'm assuming you are an almuna/nus of the PPIA program?

If so, on the PPIA almuni-net website, there is an entire section that allows you to search every single ppia class (dating back to the early 90s) and find out their graduation dates from undegrad and graduate school, where they went for their summer institute, what schools they attended, degrees they pursued, and their areas of interest. I know this is a little late, but I hope it helps.

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The PPIA alumni net only has as much information as people post about themselves. There is no space on the alumni net for the information I was originally asking for though.

I agree with the previous poster who said to check with your cohort. This is generally not an appropriate forum to solicit this info.

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Yes, checking with you cohort is an option. But it is a limited option in that some fellows take a year or two off for internships and work. For the ones that are applying, they have no idea what funding offers they will get since they are going through the same cycle as you. That info is not going to be very helpful or timely, IMO.

What you can do is utilize the alumni-net page at your disposal. It's as useful as you make it. If someone has your interests, background, attends or attended a graduate school that you are interested in, then it would be your job to take the next step and contact them personally. No, not everyone includes their information, but a ton do. The ones who list their information obviously do not mind being contacted. It is possible to do a search and get results for hundreds of fellows. It lists their names, e-mail addresses, and home addresses.

It may not have information on every single fellow and you may have to put time into it, but the alumni-net is the best tool to getting the answers you are looking for. That is exactly what the site is there for-networking. The above poster is correct, a forum like this will not yield very good results.

Getting a generic questionare together to send to former fellows is going to be your best bet if you are truly interested in the information you asked in your original post.

Good luck!

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