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lets ahve a sticky which wud contain th followin:

>GRE,TOEFL scores

>Academic details

>extra curriculars

> schools applied to



this will help a whole lot of ppl to get a clear picture of how th unis decide on ur profile for givin out an admit or reject

wat say?

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Universities: The Ohio State University (June 2005-June 2006); Wright State University (Sept 2003-March 2005); John Carroll University (Aug 1999-Nov 2001)

GPA: 3.8 (4.00 major GPA); 3.67 at WSU

Major: Sociology

Minors: Communication and International Relations

GRE: 440-Q, 480-V, 6.0-AW

Extra: American Sociological Association Honors Program, Alpha Kappa Delta (international honor society for Sociologists), Golden Key International Honor Society, completed individual research (presented at ASA Honors Program), was a Teaching Assistant for Intro to Sociology

Schools Applied:

Missouri (Ph.D. Sociology)- Rejected

Northeastern (M.A. Sociology)- Rejected

Boston University (M.A. International Relations/International Communication)- Rejected

New School for Social Research(M.A. Sociology)- Accepted, about $4,000 tuition waiver

George Mason University (Ph.D. Conflict Analysis and Resolution)- Rejected

University of Missouri-St. Louis (M.A. Sociology)- Accepted, tuition waiver, $7,000 assistantship award

Long Island University (M.S. Social Sciences)- Accepted

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  • 2 weeks later...

GRE: 660 V, 710 Q, 5.5 W

GPA 3.8, 4.0 in psych

Extra: Delta Zeta sorority, rugby, Secretary of student government, psych student board, research assistant, admissions intern, 3 semesters of independent research


UCLA social psych: reject

UC Berkeley social psych: reject

UCSB evolutionary psych: waitlist

UNM evolutionary psych: interview

U Chicago biopsych: being flown out

ASU social psych: no word

UT Austin evolutionary psych: no word

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Oh, I took my GRE a few years ago and there was no analytic writing.

I got 790Q, 660V, 750A. My GPA is not bad, but not perfect either.

I've applied to 7 schools and got rejections only.:(

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How many schools have you heard from of those 7? I applied to 6 and have been rejected by 5.

My GRE scores were not as good as yours, but i got a 1300 and that is not bad. 3.8 gpa. i didn't expect to not get accepted but next year i will know better...that is if i don't get into the 6th school.

good luck and i hope you still have a few good ones to hear from

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Guest calrose311

Well here goes

GRE: 450Q 460V

GPA: 3.54 cum

applied to history Phd programs at Pittsburgh, WUSTL, and Brown.

MA program in Latin American Studies at Georgetown

have not heard from anyone.

extracurriculars: NECLAS (new england council of Latin American Studies), MECHA, contributing writer to a multi-cultural magazine, presenter at a conference.

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GRE: 770Q/630V/5.5W

GPA 3.6 out of 4.0 (3.96 in Econ)

Math and Econ Double Major

Dickinson College

Extras: Eagle Scout, Vigil Honor (Order of the Arrow), 3 TAships, 2 RAships, Current Economics Honors Candidate, Omicron Delta Epsilon (Econ Honors Society), Alpha Phi Omega president (service organization), Quiz Bowl Team captain

Applied to:

Econ Ph.D.: UPenn, WUSTL, UCSD, UC Irvine, and American University

Political Science Ph.D: MIT, Syracuse, WashU, UPenn

I've heard from none of these

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GRE: 780Q/640V/5.5W

GPA: 3.3/4.0

Majors: Applied Math, Cybernetics

Extras: National Merit Scholar, Member of Pi Mu Epsilon, Head of a Community Service Organization, Undergraduate Research Assistant

Applied to:

UCLA(BME), UCI(BME), UCD(EE), UCR(EE), Univ. Florida(BME), ASU(BME), Univ. Utah(BME), Univ. Minnesota (BME), UVA(BME),

So far I've been accepted from Univ Florida, Univ Utah, and UCR (with a fellowship). I'm still waiting to hear back from the others.

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Guest GuestGuy


3.5 (3.7) major - Political Science

600V 440Q 6AW

Applied to both MA and PHD programs in Political Science + IR.

Extra Curriculars - Pi Sigma Alpha, Domestic Abuse Assistant, just really generic crap, that's why I am doing my M.A now to get in research ETC.

University of San Diego - IR Accepted - attending

WashU - Poli Sci - rejected from

Columbia - rejected from

UCRiverside - rejected from

Cal State Long Beach - Accepted

I would say to anyone applying really sharpen that statement, I made the mistake of making my statement sound to "learn to teach" than highlighting my want to do research and return to academia to teach. I was told by UCR that that turned them off.

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Guest ThirdWorldApplicant

GRE Q:710 V:670 W:6.00

GPA: 4.0 with honors (awarded Best Student of my class plus another award by the British Council in my country)

Major: Psychology at a no-name university in a small, no-name country

Experience: undergrad research thesis, 2 other undergrad independent research papers, paper presented at a students conference, leading researcher in 3 other community-based surveys. most of the research relevant to my intended area of grad study.

all PhD:

Cornell (human development)- accepted

Penn State (human development) - accepted

City Univ New York (Soc Psy)- accepted

Yale (soc psy)- rejected

U of Virginia (soc psy) - rejected

WashU (soc psy) - rejected

NYU (soc psy) - no word

Rutgers State (soc psy) - no word

I am the first ever student Psychology major graduated from my University (the only one that offers Psychology in my country) to have tried and succeeded to get into a US PhD program. :)

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I want to congratulate the previous poster -that's an awesome accomplishment!

I applied to clinical psychology phd programs with a concentation in neuropsychology:

GRE General: 700V 700Q 5.0 AW

GRE Psychology: 780 (98th percentile)

BA Psychology: overseas credits - no GPA reported

MS Special Education GPA 3.9

Schools I applied to:

City University (Graduate center) - interview

University of Cincinnati - interview

WashU- interview

Yeshiva U - interview

University of Florida - strong alternate

University of Denver - rejected

Drexel U - no word (which at this point means 99.9% chance of rejection)

Suffolk U - no word "

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GRE: 800Q 720V 5.0AW

GRE Physics: 820 (no time to study for it so I bombed it)

Academic details: 4.00 dual BS in Math and Physics from a large US public university plus some prominent (national) scholarships

Schools applied to (theory focus, which probably sunk my chances)

UT Austin -- accepted

WUSTL -- accepted

Berkeley -- still waiting (I'm pessimistic)

Chicago -- still waiting (I'm even more pessimistic about this one)

Princeton -- rejected

Caltech -- rejected

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GRE: 580V, 480Q, 5.5W

GPA: 3.8

Extra: Office Assistant, Tour Guide, Senior Interviewer, Overnight Host Coordinator, swim seam captain, crew team, Lifeguard


American University English M.A. - Accepted

NYU Gallatin School for English Lit & Creative Writing - Accepted

Bard College - Rejected

WUSTL Creative Writing MFA - Rejected

No word from:

San Francisco State University (Creative Writing M.A.)

Rosemont (English & Publishing M.A.)

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Guest Guest

Michigan (honors history student)

3.6 cum. 3.85 history

550 V 680 Q 4.5

History PhD

UVA: Rejection

Princeton: Rejection

Duke: Rejection

William and Mary: not heard

UMD: not heard

Hopkins: Rejection

UNC: Not Heard

WUSTL: Rejection

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Guest Paddy_Conscience

Universities: Catholic University of America (2004-6); Institute for Public Administration, Dublin (NUI)(2005); University of Glasgow (1998); Muhlenberg College (1996-2000)

GPA: Undergrad - 3.48 (3.8 major GPA); Graduate - 4.0

Major: English/Theatre Arts; Grad - Irish Studies

GRE: 520-Q, 700-V, 5.0-AW, 680-Lit in Eng

Extra: WMUH-FM DJ & Rock Director, Muhlenberg Theatre Association, forthcoming publication in 'L'Annuaire Theatricale', 5 symposium presentations, Dail Eireann (Ireland) internship, Writing Tutor, Career Assistant

Applied to English Phd programs at:

Columbia University - Rejected



Boston College

University of Pennsylvania

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Guest econapp2

ECONOMICS PhD applicant

GRE: 800Q/600V/4.0AW


math and econ (double major), some math awards and phi beta kappa, good but not great liberal arts school in ohio (close w/ profs -->LORs great), faculty aide, lots of extracirriculars (like that actually matters :) ), female, u.s. resident

ohio state: accepted (2/15), fellowship (not sure how much yet)

georgetown: accepted (2/28), stipend (TAsip?) of ~17k

yale: rejected (2/27) (and shocked :!: )

vanderbilt: accepted (2/17), 14.5K fellowship

carnegie mellon: accepted (3/3), 20K fellowship :D

syracuse (3/1): accepted,

boston college: waitlisted (2/23) :?:

washington university in st. louis: no word, but probably rejected as i see acceptances were sent out the other day but rejections haven't

duke: no word yet; looks like i made it past the first round of rejections though i'm definitely not expecting anything

colorado-boulder: no word

so far i've done a lot better than i had expected. (glad i applied to ten though!) not sure what i'll go with (unless northwestern accidentally forgot to send my funded admission notice the other day, which i'm almost sure is the case 😎 )

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Guest Guest123

GRE: 800Q, 740V. 5.5; TOEFL: 297 (6.6)

GPA: difficult to convert (Not very good but)

Publications: a few of chapters and articles. (... loads of unpublished work with about 7-8 years experience in social and development research)

Northwestern (human development): No word

Cornell (development sociology): no word yet

Georgia (Sociology): waitlisted ("informal waiting list")

Rutgers (Sociology): "No decision"

Illinois, Chicago (soc.): "decision deferred: manual review required" (Can somebody tell me what that means?)

Penn State (Rural Sociology): no word yet

New School (Sociology): "decision in two weeks" (response to my e-mail)

Georgia state: "decision to take about a month" (I e-mailed the deptt.)

wonder of anybody else has heard from any of these schools!!!

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Guest daphna

GRE: 640Q, 710V, 5.5W

GPA: 94, magna cum laude from Tel Aviv University in History (we don't have majors etc. You just study your field). Chair's list.

Roughly converts to 3.9 or 4.0 (depending who you ask).

No publications (it's very hard for an Israeli undergrad to publish) but I have written 4 research papers as part of my B.A.

I am a T.A. and have also co-founded a new teaching program in our department (which has just been extended for 10 years! I'm so proud!) - so high marks on the teaching front for me.

I've applied to 7 schools for a History PhD:

Brown - accepted with very nice funding

Michigan, Yale, Princeton, UCLA, WUSTL - rejected.

Still waiting on Northwestern and Chicago.

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GRE,TOEFL scores: GRE 740Q/800V/6.0 AW

Academic details: Graduated cum laude (cumulative GPA 3.33) from second-tier private university with a lower-top-50 Leiter-ranked philosophy dept. Philosophy GPA: 3.6. Good background in history of philosophy, but very weak in contemporary philosophy.

No publications.

Good LORs, I'm told, and a writing sample germane to my primary areas of interest (I think it was good, but I got basically zero feedback from my UG professors before submitting it, so who knows).

Extracurriculars: Research assistant in a psych lab, tutoring job, National Merit Scholar, had a full-tuition merit scholarship at UG; not sure if this counts as "extracurricular", but I did do an independent study.

Schools applied to: PhD programs at Harvard, WUSTL, Pitt, U Chicago, UIUC, IU, UIC, and Johns Hopkins.

Rejects: Pitt, U Chicago, and [although I haven't officially heard yet] Harvard, WUSTL

Admits: UIC, UIUC, Johns Hopkins, IU (all with funding)

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BA Philosophy, BS Economics from the University of South Carolina

MPhil Economics from the University of Cambridge, expected August

GRE: 790 math, 680 verbal, 4.5 analytic

Nothing special otherwise

Applied in economics to:

Chicago (reject)

WUSTL (reject)

Columbia (reject)

UCLA (accept, tuition waiver)

U-Texas (accept, 13k)

U-Toulouse (accept)

UC-San Diego (reject)

Ohio State (accept, 15k, declined)

Boston University (reject)

Applied in philosophy to:

U-Wisconsin (waitlisted until late april 15, rejected)

Loyola-Chicago (accept, fellowship nomination, declined)

Tufts (accept, declined)

I guess I should be happy.

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Guest econapplicant

Economics PhD

GRE: 790Q, 680V, 6.0A

Second tier private university

Double major Math/Econ (3.98)

Strong LORs

Thesis, lots of undergraduate research experience (no real results though)

Lots of extracurriculars

Accepted: Princeton, Yale, Chicago, WUSTL, Wisconsin, NYU, UCSD

Rejected: Harvard, Stanford, Berkeley

Waiting: MIT, Michigan

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Geology PhD


University of Pittsburgh (BS): 3.54 (cum); 3.7 or 3.8 (major); magna cum laude; program honors in geology; TAd for 3 semesters

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (MS): No GPA given to graduate students here; TA for 4 semesters (currently Chief TA); Currently finishing up thesis and have been involved with other research in the department (3 abstracts, no publications quite yet)

GRE: 650 Q; 530 V; 5.0 A

Applied to:

University of Wisconsin - Madison (Accepted with money, I have accepted this offer :lol:)

University of Kansas (Accepted maybe with money...don't really care as of now anyway...)

University of Montana (Accepted...they said they can't make funding decisions until after the April 15 deadline...silly if you ask me!)

University of Minnesota (Rejected...again, don't care because I don't think I'd be a good match for the prospective advisor)

Syracuse University (have no clue...not even sure if they accepted my application...again, I don't care)

Edit: Accepted to Syracuse University...I went 4/5 on the PhD applications...not bad...not bad at all...

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