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Is there a list of fully funded MPA/MPP/IR programs?


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Basically the question above: is there a list out there of fully funded MPP/MPA/IR programs? Or at least programs that provide full funding for many applicants? The only one I know of is Princeton's WWS, but I haven't heard of any others.

Below is my profile if you'd like to make suggestions on schools with scholarships I might be competitive for:

Program Applied To: Public Policy/Public Affairs

Schools Applying To: Princeton WWS, among others

Undergraduate institution: Public university—ranked 150ish according to US News and World Report (top 100 public universities)

Undergraduate GPA: 3.77

Undergraduate Majors: Biomedical sciences

GRE: 165 quantitative/164 verbal, written pending

Age: 20 (completing undergrad in 2 years; will have completed just 1.5 years of undergrad by time of application)

Work Experience: various internships. Research on Boko Haram received strongly positive responses from US Central Command, SOCOM, State Dept., etc. Did some at #1 think tank in Bolivia  (INESAD). Biophysics at university research. My best work experience however comes from writing—I’ve written for the Huffington Post and many other outlets, where my articles have led to fact-based public retractions for original sources used by outlets like the Washington Post. They’ve engaged scholars at Harvard, the Brookings Institution, American Immigration Lawyers Association, and more. Some other “work” done via on-campus fundraising/awareness campaigns via the Borgen Project and ONE campaign campus presidencies.

Publications: numerous. Associated with research and writing. Everywhere from The Hill to the Georgetown Public Policy Review and Cornell International Affairs Review (peer reviewed).

Languages: NA

International Experience: NA

Quantitative Experience: Top AP scores in macro, microeconomics, Calculus AB/BC, statistics

SOP: Pending, though I’ve written SOPs that have gotten me interviews with a US-UK Fulbright Summer Institute

LOR: 3 professor recs (1 supervisor for Boko Haram research; 1 philosophy professor, likely very strong and personal; 1 chemistry professor, likely fairly strong; I haven’t read any of them however)

Awards: Nothing national unfortunately. Various school awards (e.g. one for extraordinary leadership--50 selected from class of 3,000).

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Some schools that people have reported here receiving full funding for are USC, U of Chicago, and Carnegie Mellon Heinz, but I think many schools in some occasions do provide merit scholarships that cover full tuition. Sometimes these require extra essays, sometimes it's as simple as checking an extra box on the application. Your best resources will be the scholarship pages of the school websites. I'd also highly recommend looking back through the "Decisions" threads here for the past several years. Usually when people post their results, they'll also include the funding offers they received, and you''ll start to see certain patterns.

All that being said, there's really no master list of fully-funded programs because there's no surefire way to predict what funding you will receive. In Donald Asher's Graduate Admissions Essays book (which I first heard about here and highly recommend, it's awesome), you can't calculate how much grad school will cost you personally until you get your offers. Figure out which schools tend to be more generous, figure out which of those interest you, and then apply to all of them so you'll have more options (and hopefully, scholarship offers) to choose from.

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