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PhD admission to Computer Science

Ganesh Bhat

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Hello All,

Am currently pursuing my Master's in Computer Science at IUPUI. My GPA is 2.83. My GRE is 299 with breakage Verbal:147 , Quant 152. My undergrad GPA is 4.0 and also 5th Topper for entire university in my undergrad. Am planning to pursue my PhD in Computer Science starting from Fall 2016. Honestly Speaking I didn't like IUPUI much because here the advisors are not friendly and too much pressure they give which i feel not worth. Am planning to apply for  SUNY Binghamton, SUNY Buffalo, USC as of now. What are my chances of getting into these universities? Also please suggest me good university for PhD in Computer Science. Thanks in advance!


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Your Q GRE also seems low for a PhD in CS. I think you need to take some time to work on raising your GRE and figuring out what to do about your l ow master's GPA. Are there more classes you could take before you finish to try to get it over 3.0? I agree with the previous poster that you will have a hard time getting admitted with a graduate GPA below 3.

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