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Since I'm not a native speaker, I'm struggling the most at the verbal part. I've been trying to read the opinion pages at the New York times and few others but when It comes to RC passages, it's completely different story. 

For the vocabulary, I think I'm doing quite well. I went through all Manhattan and Magoosh vocab and learned them all. But, I'm still not being able to answer all questions in the 5lb or magoosh practice questions. 

Now, I'm trying to improve my comprehension skills and vocabulary by watching Magoosh and EmpowerGRE verbal videos. However, I don't feel they are adding anything to me. All of their strategies are common sense to me. It seems to me it's either you know the vocabulary and therefore what the passage or sentence is about you not, it's all or non. 

I'm afraid I'm waisting my time with those videos. What do you think? 

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Hi Ajja,

It can be difficult to learn verbal strategies from a static source like a video, especially if you're a non-native speaker. If you're below a certain level of comprehension, making progress can be extremely difficult, since you have to be able to understand most of what you're reading. Comprehension can't be circumvented with tricks or technique.

Talking about ETS passages and questions with a friend or tutor and trying to figure out how ETS structures passages and justifies answers might be more useful than using books or videos.

Best, Vince

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