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What are my chances in getting into MIT/Stanford/UCB


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Hi everyone,

I graduated from National University of Singapore this June. I was studying in the Engineering Science Program. Overall: I got a second-upper class, which corresponds to a GPA of roughly 4.4 on a 5.0 scale. and I had 2 interns in previous years and published a paper this year. 

I haven't taken GRE yet, but will soon get it done, hopefully I can get 326+ for the verbal and quant parts, and 4.5 for the writing.

My GPA is not strong (below 4.5 on 5.0 scale), and in the second last semester my GPA was accidentally below 4.0/5.0, but in the last semester, I got into the dean's list (although this was the only time I got that).

Currently I have only chosen 3 schools in the US: MIT, Stanford and UCBerkeley. I will be applying to their Material Science and Engineering programs for MS degree.

Based on previous year's results and your experience and knowledge, what are my chances of getting in any of these 3 schools? 


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A MS degree in the States is generally much easier to get in compared to a PhD Program. I have a few friends that I have no idea how, got into several top tier schools for MS programs, but those that only applied to PhD programs, well, not so good for them. I reason that it is because there are more spaces and plus you are paying for it eh. 

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