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Funding/FAFSA Worry - Working FT Now making "too much" but won't when I start


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Hello all! I have a MPH and did not get any sort of funding/scholarships/etc. I was also working full time and made enough to pay each month towards my degree.

Now...totally different situation. I'm a FT teacher and PT community college lecturer. We don't get health insurance, so my income looks slightly inflated (and a large chunk goes to the teacher's pension). When I begin my program, I will not be teaching and will have no income!

However, the FAFSA that I will fill out will have to do with 2015's taxes (in which I will have made more money), and even the year after the 2016 year (in which half the year I'll have been teaching).

How can someone like me qualify for financial aid if they base it on PAST, no longer relevant income? Help!

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