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Should I send my GMAT score as supplement?


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Hi guys,
I am going to apply for an Economics program at several US Business schools.
I have the following scores, and I can't decide if I should 
only send the "GRE + TOEFL" or "GRE + TOEFL + GMAT" to these schools.
GRE: Q170 (98%), V159 (81%), AW 4.5 (80%)
GMAT: T710 (91%), Q50 (87%), V37 (83%), AW 6 (91%), IR 6 (67%)
TOEFL: 116/120 (30 Listening, 29 Writing, 29 Speaking, 28 Reading)
I wanted Q51 on GMAT so I don't like the Q50 especially for the 87%, 
and the IR 6/8 which is 67% may raise red flags (?).
However, the AW 6 might help me compensate for my low GRE 4.5 score.
Can anyone please advise me if adding my GMAT score would harm me or help me or do nothing for me?

On the Chicago Booth admission page homepage, it says the following.
"The average GMAT score of students admitted in 2015-16 was 740 with an average quantitative 
score of 51. The average GRE quantitative score was 167 and the average GPA was 3.78. "
So a low GMAT score below T740 and Q51 might hurt me and it is better off just sending the GRE score,
as the average is 167 and the verbal score is not mentioned.
On HBS homepage, there is a hint that all scores should be above 85%.
"Generally, successful applicants score in the 85th percentile or higher on their standardized tests."
Using these hints, I was wondering just sending my GRE score and supplementing my poor 
English skills with my TOEFL score as I am a foreigner.
Please help me.....

I felt that if I prepared harder I could score better on the GMAT to compensate for my low verbal score on the GRE.
I am registered to take the test this Saturday, but on practice exams I am scoring in the same 710 range or even lower.

I am thinking of not taking the test, because what if I get a similar or lower score, then I won't be able to use the GMAT score alltogether.

(Before I used Kaplan & Princeton, this time I am working with Magoosh & Manhattan, 
so maybe the level is a bit different, but still I don't feel like I have improved greatly, 
and I don't have much time to get the rest of my application ready.)

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Hi alphabet,

Since you're talking about some highly-competitive Schools, you would likely find it beneficial to work with an Admissions Expert on your applications. In that same way, you're ultimately asking Admissions questions, so seeking out the advice of those Experts would be a good idea regardless.

GRE Masters aren't born, they're made,


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