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So...just took the GRE


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So....just took the GRE.

I think I did pretty ok on the issue essay, I feel like I did really well on the argument analysis.

As far as maths go, I had time to do all the questions, and I feel I've done well. However some questions felt ridiculously easy, especially compared to Princeton/Barron/Kaplan tests. I looked around for a trap when it was the case, but often there was none. I hope I'm right.

Text comprehension and blank filling went well, and I feel like I did decently well on antonyms and word pairs, even though there was a couple I had to guess.

So overall a pretty good feeling- I hope I'm right and didn't fall into traps I didn't see...

What feeling did you guys have when you took it?

Now I have to wait for roughly 6 weeks for the scores...I preferred taking it on paper because I'm a scribbler, but come to think of it, I'd rather have taken it on computer and get my score write away.

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Not to bring you down or anything, but when I took the test on Wednesday, I thought I was doing great. I felt like I knew most of the answers and was pretty confident! I took the computer test, so I got to see the scores right away...and when I got the scores, I almost had a stroke. My scores were awful! I don't understand b/c I thought I did great! I'm sure this is not your case so don't get to worrying about it.

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You're lucky you got to take the hard copy version! For me, it was so hard to tell how I was doing. I ended up doing better at quant than I thought, but not as well as I thought I was going to do with verbal. But it's done -- good luck with the rest of your application process!

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